Council changes

Basildon Council appointed a new leader, committee and mayor in May following its annual meeting.

Councillor Gavin Callaghan returned as leader, a post he has held since 2017 when he became the youngest leader of a local authority in the UK.

Also at the meeting, 22 councillors of different political parties agreed to work together in order to take control of the council from the Conservative Group who have twenty members.

First on the agenda was to vote Councillor David Burton-Sampson as mayor, and Councillor Derrick Fellowes as deputy mayor.

Cllr Gavin Callaghan, leader of the new administration, said: "This alliance will put party politics aside to create a leaner and more effective administration that truly reflects the anxieties and issues facing the people we represent."

Callaghan stated that the days of significant majorities for any party are over for the foreseeable future in Basildon and said "we are committed to working across party lines, not only will we work together but we want to work together."

He added: "The main challenges that face us have not changed since I last addressed the council as Leader. Indeed, I am pleased that much of what we set in train during that eventful and productive year have continued to move forward.

“Our priorities now are to continue to drive forwards the celebrations of Basildon's 70th anniversary and use the fantastic community spirit engendered to start a new conversation around the Basildon of the future.

"We can hit the ground running to accelerate the activity we can all support and to refocus on priorities that have yet to be addressed."


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